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Our Work

This page showcases some samples of custom design done by us. We are able to replicate any design seen on the net and provide a quality finished product. No job is too small or too big.


Family Tshirt for Victoria's First Birthday

Family order for 30 t shirts to celebrate Victoria's 1st birthday in style. All t shirts in pink except for the birthday girl (red). A huge undertaking with logistics, design, print and prep taking well over 2 weeks. The end product came out as beautiful as the customer envisioned. This was the biggest one-off order we received and showed we can cope with work of this magnitude.

Defining Sister's Rules

Received request from customer to design three t shirts for her daughters. Provided with a google image of the t shirt design needed. Design successfully made and printed on heat transferred on t shirt with the customer very happy with the final product. This kind of work is very common where the customer provides their design (usually a low quality google image) and we replicate design.


Craziness With Eid Orders

This year we were fully geared up to carry out Eid custom orders. This turned into quite an experience as the number of people wanting custom stickers, money envelopes, and body suits doubled from last year. A lot of late nights getting the orders ready which was so full filling as every order deadline was met with quality finishing.

Simple Cake and Cupcake Toppers

From time to time, we receive request from bakers to provide cake and cupcake toppers. While we don't advertise doing these yet, we have done several designs like sonic, cocomelon, mickey mouse, takaro tribe, paw patrol, and more.

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